Enjoy the beautiful weather but please remember the following practical hints:

veilig zee 1 – If you can’t swim, don’t go into the water deeper than your knees
2 – Never swim in the vicinity of rip currents (currents that pull out to sea)
3 – Never swim alone. Even the strongest swimmer can get into difficulties, for instance because of cramp
4 – Don’t use any floating devices when there is an offshore wind (wind that blows out to sea)
5 – Alcohol and swimming don’t mix. You could lose your life
6 – Always keep an eye on the children, both in the water and on the beach. When in the water, stay within an arm’s length from small children
7 – Don’t dig deep holes on the beach (danger of collapse and suffocation)
8 – Drink plenty of water
9 – Use plenty of sunscreen and make sure you have a place to sit in the shade, f.i. by bringing a parasol
10 – Mind the warning flags (yellow = swimming is dangerous, red = swimming is prohibited)


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